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Peruzzi Watch, Day 912: Second Medical "Passed"

Welcome to Peruzzi Watch, it's all the tedium of Spring Watch but with much less facial hair and Bill Oddie.

The saga of Gino Peruzzi's transfer to Sunderland continues as Velez Sarsfield confirmed that the player has been given the all clear by Dr Paolo Mariani in Rome.

Mariani is regarded as one of the top ligament surgeons in Europe, hence why Sunderland turned to him for further opinion on the extent of an injury discovered during the routine medical he undertook on wearside last week.

Ricardo Coppplecchia, the club's doctor confirmed;

The player was in the Superfinals and was in good shape. Peruzzi's knee is fine.

I have a doctor's report that says there is not an injury issue. There is no serious injury and the strain will be resolved within 4 weeks.

In a hypothetical case that would complicate it, was if he needed surgery. But I don't think that's necessary.

So as we've known all along, Peruzzi has in the past suffered a ligament injury in his knee. However this only kept him out of three games last season. The concern is building up the strength of his knee, which he should be able to do quite easily in time for the start of the Premier League season in August.

The ball however is very much in Sunderland's court though. They have also seen the same report from Dr Mariani, and Velez Vice President, Julio Baldomar, saying a decision on the deal should be made soon;

Sunderland have emailed me and said they will make a definitive decision in the next two days.

So contrary to all reports, the deal is not dead. Far from that. It could well be in two to three days time, but until then we've just got to wait it out like everyone else.

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