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Player Of The Last Ten Years Poll, Quarter Final: Simon Mignolet Vs Danny Rose

Danny Rose made quite the impact on loan last season, and it's seen him make the Quarter Final. However, was it enough of an impact to overcome Simon Mignolet? Only you can decide our... erm... final Quarter Final...

Mike Hewitt

Simon Mignolet

Having discussed Mignolet's presence in the opening couple of rounds, unfortunately, now comes the time where we have to consider the affects of his departure.

It is felt in two ways; firstly, and most importantly, Sunderland enters the coming season with a Mignolet-sized hole between the sticks. As we rebuild, it is probably the only area of concern in the first team (with the exception of left-back), with Vito Mannone and Keiren Westwood still aiming to establish themselves as top-flight goalkeepers. To lose a player of Mignolet's calibre in any era is a blow - especially in which high-quality players have been limited to Sunderland.

Secondly, the Belgian had quickly developed affection from a section of our fans, which increased as the level of his performances did, to a stage whereby Mignolet had his own chant. So we'll finish on that, a final rendition before he returns in to the Stadium of Light in September as a Liverpool player.

All together now! Uh-Mignolet, uh-Mignolet, uh-Mignolet, uh-Mignolet... (KJ)

Danny Rose

Sunderland's ongoing issue with suitably filling the left back berth has become something of a ludicrous saga, bordering on the absurd. Last season however fans were given something of a respite and were treated to the luxury of an actual left back playing, well, at left back.

When Rose first ventured to the North East it was a loan move that hardly set pulses racing on Wearside. Young Danny came with soley a single stunning goal against Arsenal on his Tottenham Hotspur CV. Other than that not a great deal was known, or expected of the lad.

How little did we know.

Rose went on to become an instant fan favourite on Wearside, putting in consistently superb performances that truly showcased his ability as a modern fullback. With a surprisingly mature head on his young shoulders for the defensive side of his game, this would not come as a detriment to his wonderful approach to the attacking side of the game and would gleefully gallop down the wing at any given opportunity offering a fantastic outlet on the overlap.

Unfortunately injury was to disrupt Rose's season which only further cemented what an integral attribute he had become.

Perhaps it is fitting and rather typical of Sunderland that such a classy player would literally play their way out of securing a permanent move to the club such was the calibre of his performances. It should come as no surprise that Spurs are reluctant to see, as disappointing as that may well be.

However all Sunderland fans should be grateful for what Rose achieved on Wearside having raised the bar for any future recruit which surely must be next on Di Canio's extensive shopping list. They certainly have big shoes to fill (DB)


Be sure to make your vote count and send one of these two through to the next round. Make your voice heard below, because you only have until 11pm (GMT) tonight to get your vote in...

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