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Peruzzi Move Still On, But A Short Wait Still Required

Gino Peruzzi's transfer to Sunderland is very much on, however there has been a minor complication meaning no deal will be announced until next week.

The protracted transfer of Gino Peruzzi to Sunderland appears to be nearing a conclusion after yet more details from the Velez Sarsfield side of things emerged this afternoon.

What's not holding the deal up is Sunderland performing further investigation into the player after some ligament problem was found during what was a routine medical, with the transfer all completed pending the results of this.

The damage is in Peruzzi's knee, and stems back from last season. The damage however doesn't appear to be too serious as it only kept him out of the Velez team last season for three games.

Peruzzi has now been sent on to Italy to meet with Dr Paolo Mariani in Rome, and is one of Europe's leading physician's on ligament damage, which was revealwd by Velez' own doctor, Ricardo Coppelechia;

I am struck by this news. As I said executives who traveled with Gino, the medical examination was successful . As Sunderland owners are Italian, the study was done in Italy and adopted Dr. Pier Paolo Mariani. The player does not have any problems.

Sunderland have of course remained silent, as is there right to do so, but it still seems that the Peruzzi deal is very much on.

Nobody at all is claiming that this is any major problem, but understandably Sunderland want to to do their due diligence on Peruzzi before committing several millions of pounds for the right-back.

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