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Player Of The Last Ten Years Poll, Quarter Final: Steven Fletcher Vs Mart Poom

Mart Poom comes up against Steven Fletcher in our next player poll, but who will prosper and move on to the semi-finals? There can be only one winner...

Stu Forster

Steven Fletcher

Okay, so Mart Poom is a cult hero. You can't deny him that. He was a goalkeeper who scored a last minute fricking goal after all. But he isn't even the greatest goalkeeper Sunderland have had int he last 10 years, never mind the greatest player. In fact, considering Thomas Myhre was at the club at the same time, you could argue he wasn't even the best goalkeeper in that particular squad.

It wasn't an especially good squad either. Like many, Poom's best years at Sunderland came in the second tier. That wasn't his fault but it is a matter of historical fact.

The same cannot be said of Steven Fletcher, however. The Scotsman's Sunderland career is still in its infancy but he hasn't put a single foot wrong so far. That does him a disservice actually. He has excelled every step of the way and already justified that fee that threatened to weigh him down.

If you are in two minds over this one, just cast your minds back to that night when Fletcher got injured against Wales. Remember the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and how ill we all felt. We knew how big a blow that was because we know that he is a top player for us.

If you are still a little undecided, then I offer up the following for consideration: Steven Fletcher got into double figures in that Martin O'Neill team - you remember, the one that seldom attacked - without the help of a single penalty and despite missing a big chunk of the season through injury. THAT is how good he is. I humbly rest my case. (MG)

Mart Poom

Who would have thought that when Mart Poom joined Sunderland as Howard Wilkinson was allowed to bolster his injury ravaged side, with both Thomas Sorensen and Thomas Mhyre injured, that he would go on to become a cult hero in such dramatic circumstances. In fact it was probably one of the few things that Wilko got right, the clueless berk that he was.

Poom would go on to earn himself a permanent deal following on from his two month emergency loan spell and usurped Sorensen from between the sticks.

As a huge fan favourite at Derby County it didn't take long for the Estonian to win over the Sunderland crowd. Poom was an incredibly natural goalkeeper and made everything good about his game look so bloody easy. Shot stopping? No problem. Command of his area? No worries.

Poom also just came across as a nice guy, even in spite of more than a passing resemblance of Thunderbirds' John Tracy. Poor John Tracy, stuck on that space station on his own.

Anyway, enough of cult kids' tv shows from my childhood, we all know why you're here and why you're going to vote for Poom - that towering header.

In a scene that would even have Michael Bay blushing due to its sheer outlandishness, Poom made his way forward deep into injury time at Pride Park as Sunderland trailed to the home side.

There was an air of anticipation that always greets such fantastic scenes in football such as when a goalkeeper goes up for a corner/freekick in such a desperate situation. Very rarely however does such an event come to such an incredible conclusion.

Poom rose, majestically, like a gazelle or some similar critter that can jump 'git high, and met Sean Thornton's delivery with a towering and devastating header at the back post. Make no mistake it was a bullet of a header that an old fashioned English centre forward would dine out on well into their retirement.

And that is why you need to vote Poom. (DB)


Be sure to make your vote count and send one of these two through to the next round. Make your voice heard below, because you only have until 11pm (GMT) tonight to get your vote in...

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