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Orban Agent Confirms Sunderland Interest

Last week we mentioned that 24-year-old full back Lucas Orban was set for talks over a Switch to Sunderland. It now appears that deal is slowly nearing a conclusion.

Tigre defender Lucas Orban appears to be nearing a switch to Sunderland.

Speaking to the Sunderland Echo, the agent of the Argentinian defender, Filippo Colasanto, confirmed the Black Cats' approach:

Sunderland are interested in signing the player.

I have spoken with the new director, De Fanti. He called me to get some information about the Orban situation to start negotiations.

I know that Sunderland made an approach to Tigre saying that they want to sign him and they are in a position to come to an agreement.

There are three or four other clubs interested in him.

He has had some offers from Brazil, two or three from Spain and one from France.

But of course, he would be interested in going to the Premier League. Every player that has that opportunity is.

And another factor is it would be the season before the World Cup.

It could be an opportunity for him to go and play in a big league, and the Premier League is the best in the world.

Lucas Orban is a very good player for the type who are successful in England too.

He has a good heart, is tall and powerful and is very good at heading.

Despite a deal looking likely, it seems that nothing is imminent and Sunderland will need to be patient if they are to bring the left back to Wearside, with Colasanto stressing Orban is keen to complete the season with his club in Argentina before making his final decision.

We know it is a strong possibility to go and play in England. I am waiting on the decision of the player.

There are two or three matches to go (in the Argentine league) and at the moment, he wants to wait until the end of the season to make a decision.

All very positive, then. A Julio Arca or a Marcos Angeleri? That is the big question!

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