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Cats Chasing Further Inter Youngsters?

Sunderland have Inter Milan midfielder Alfred Duncan firmly in their sights, but are they also making overtures towards additional Nerazzurri prospects?

Valerio Pennicino

As we reported earlier, it appears there was some kind of meeting between Sunderland and Inter to discuss a deal to take Alfred Duncan to Wearside. Now, multiple reports are starting to suggest that The Black Cats are angling for a triple deal including Ibrahima MBaye and Daniel Bessa.

Senegalese defender MBaye is considered a top prospect at The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and was the subject of a recent bid from moneybags Monaco.

That bid was rejected, with Inter adamant that the player is a big part of their future and only available to leave on some kind of developmental loan move.

Mbaye's name was first linked with Sunderland almost in passing a few days ago in The Journal, when CNN's Italian correspondent Tancredi Palmeri suggested 'contact had been made' between the two clubs, and that same assertion is now being widely reported in Italy.

Whether there is anything in it, we don't know. It could well just be a crossed wire or two with the rumour mill and internet all feeding each other.

Whether Inter's stance has softened since they rejected the bid from Monaco is unknown too, though they seem resigned to the fact that some youngsters may have to be sacrificed to fund a rebuilding of the first team.

The situation with Bessa, a traditional Brazilian 'number 10', is similarly unclear, but probably a little stronger. He is one that Inter likely wouldn't be too averse to losing, but it isn't known if it is a loan deal in the pipeline or something more long term.

To Google, Youtube, Wiki, etc! We'll follow it as best we can as per usual.

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