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French Defender Speaks After Sunderland Agree Fee

After Sunderland agree a fee for Benjamin Mendy, the player gives his thoughts on his future.

El-Hadji Ba and Benjamin Mendy
El-Hadji Ba and Benjamin Mendy

Yesterday we heard how Benjamin Mendy favoured a move to England, then late last night news broke of Sunderland agreeing a fee with Le Havre for the left-back, well both Mendy and Le Havre have now clarified the situation.

First up, the President of Le Havre, Jean-Pierre Louvel, spoke with RMC Radio in France and confirmed Sunderland's offer was accepted;

We have agreed with Sunderland for the transfer of Mendy.

But while he confirmed the offer, he did admit that Sunderland are not the only interested club;

It is now up to him to agree with them. We are OK. Lyon? We were close to an agreement with Lyon, this does not happen, but you never know...

Today, the only club with which we agree, it's Sunderland and now up to Benjamin Mendy to make a choice.

Then in an interview with Mercato365, Mendy himself talked in depth about his future;

Your benefits have not gone unnoticed by several clubs. Where are you?
Currently there Lyon is a good option. There are many English clubs and this is my life who manages. And yet, it has told me that Lyon. After we hear from Sunderland, Tottenham, Arsenal, Cardiff City or coming out in the press. From what I know, Lyon made ​​an offer. I just returned from vacation. I think there are discussions but today I do not know any more.

What destination would please you the most?
My priority is to move to a club where I have time to play and where the coach will trust me. If it is in France, so much the better. But if it is England, I can not say too bad. The Premier League is the best league in the world. If I find a coach who wants me and that there is real, why not? But it is also interesting to go through a normal course knowing the Ligue 1. Especially when it comes to top club like Lyon or Marseille playing the Champions League. This is something great.

You have been mentioned insistently in Sunderland ...
There is nothing yet. Surely there is an agreement between Sunderland and Le Havre. But between Sunderland and me, there is still nothing.

Do you set a deadline for your choice?
No, there is no deadline. The European Championship is happening and it is an opportunity for me to show my skills even more. We must stay calm and it will be set at the desired time.

So the defender himself is keeping his options open with the u-19 European Championship starting on July 20 and running until August 1. With the squad gathered at Clairefontaine from July 10, Sunderland will have to work hard to push this transfer through before then, as there is a good chance the competition for the French captain will increase should he impress.

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