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Mignolet Completes Liverpool Move

Simon Mignolet has completed a move to Liverpool, worth a reported £9m, rising to £11m based upon future incentives.

Chris Brunskill

After what seemed like an age, Simon Mignolet has finally completed his move to Liverpool where he will apparently catch the eye of Belgium coach Marc Wilmots more often.

Mignolet joins David Brent's side for a fee worth an initial £9m, rising to £11m if specific playing targets are met, which might be harder to come by after the manager confirmed Mignolet will be in competition with current number one Pepe Reina, not a replacement for the Spaniard;

Pepe is a fantastic goalkeeper but Simon Mignolet is a player that has done really well.

Pepe and I went out for a meal a couple of months before the end of the season and I told him exactly what we were going to do, which was to provide real competition in that area.

We wish Simon the very best of luck, and he served us incredibly well in the three years in which he rose to prominence. As Brent point's out, he'll now be at a club where he can demonstrate his ability, which he obviously hasn't proven yet, hence the £9m fee;

Simon will join a club that will give him an opportunity to demonstrate and improve his huge talent.

Marc Wilmots is a well known fan of the Carling Cup, and also looking at people sitting down for extended periods.

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