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Reports: Striker Interesting German Giants

It's being said this morning that a host of German sides, including Borussia Dortmund, are keen on signing Ji Dong-Won.

Lennart Preiss

Ji Dong-Won has been something of an enigma on Wearside. He'll go down in club folklore for his last second winning goal against Manchester City, although what we know about him remains slightly limited by him only getting game time in limited substitute appearances.

Having not featured at all in the first half of last season the Korean was moved out on-loan to struggling Bundesliga side Augsburg where he quickly established himself as a fans favourite and was a key component of the side which eventually avoided relegation.

Reports in the Sunderland Echo suggest this morning that his eye-catching performances, particularly from a central midfield position, have seen him catch the eye of Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund, who are very keen on him.

What's more staggering than their alleged interest is the fee which is said to be involved. It's suggested for the man who cost us in the region of £2m nearly two years ago, will set back any potential suitors £4m or more. Obviously despite his improvement, this would be far too good to turn down.

It does however raise a question about international loan deals. I was suggested towards the end of the season that there was a fixed fee in place of around £2.5m, so we're assuming that either Augsburg can't match this price or the time to pay that has expired.

It's an interesting story to follow, and given the volume of restructuring at the club this summer we need every available penny. Accepting a bid of £4m or more (please be more!) would require absolutely no thought whatsoever, although you can't help but wonder what might have been here had he been given more of a chance.

Ji always looked light and slightly uncomfortable, but he possessed decent hold-up play and a good ability to bring others into play. Perhaps why he was best suited to a midfield position. Unfortunately for the Korean international, this is a position in which we are well stocked.

If the likes of Augsburg, Dortmund and others are interested for real, a bidding war could be in the offing.

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