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Reports: Fletcher Likely Fit For Preseason

Steven Fletcher looks set to be able to take part in Sunderland's preseason after his 2012-13 season was cut short through injury.

Ian MacNicol

Having picked up an injury whilst away on international duty with Scotland, Steven Fletcher looks set to be available for the first time under Paolo Di Canio as he nears recovery from a damaged ankle ligament.

Mark Douglas in The Journal today indicates that Fletcher visited a specialist last week to get an update on his recovery, having delayed his summer holidays in order to recover fully from the injury.

It's understood that the specialist has given Fletcher the green-light to go away on holiday for a while so long as he takes things easy and rests up.

The striker will remain touch-and-go for the Barclay's Asia Trophy held in Hong Kong in late July, but could still make the trip on a camaraderie basis at the very least, and will almost certainly be fit to take part in the later preseason games. Those games are still to be confirmed, but it's reported there will be games against Harrogate Town and Grimsby Town this summer, although the level of squad put out against these relative minnows could mean Fletcher only takes part in the more high-profile games.

It's good news for everyone though that Fletcher is back. We badly missed him towards the end of last season and with a lack of credible striker links around at the moment, it's imperative we get our main man back in the fold.

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