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Report: Sunderland Interested In Parma Winger

Jonathan Biabiany joins the never ending list of players from Serie A to be linked with Sunderland.

Jonathan Biabiany
Jonathan Biabiany
Tullio M. Puglia

Another hour goes by and that of course means there is another link with a player from Serie A. After Zarate, Cavanda, Hernandez and Duncan, amongst others, this time it is the turn of Parma's Jonathan Biabiany.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, an Italian football expert who works for Sky Italia, Sunderland are interested in signing Biabiany and have opened talks to sign the winger.

Unfortunately the talks will be quite complicated due to the fact Biabiany is co-owned, 50-50, by Parma and Sampdoria. A situation which arose when Parma loaned Biabiany from Sampdoria before the 2011/12 season and then, after a successful season, saw Parma sign him permanently but in a co-ownership deal. A common occurrence in Italy, in fact Biabiany was once co-owned by Inter Milan and Parma.

The player himself is in demand, with Parma hoping to purchase the other half of his rights from Sampdoria, with the Parma president recently saying;

Biabiany is not on the market. We would like to keep the guy, we'll talk with Sampdoria.

There has also been reported interest from Lazio and Napoli, so if Sunderland want to sign him, they will have a battle on their hands.

Biabiany is a 25-year-old right-footed winger, who can also play up front, who is particularly noted for his pace. He started his career at Inter Milan but has had loan spells at Chievo, Modena and Parma before moving to Sampdoria and then back to Parma.

He has had an up and down career and was highly rated earlier in his career before losing his way but he certainly fits the profile of young, athletic players with pace that Sunderland are targeting. Definitely one rumour to keep an eye on.

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