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Sunderland Are A 'Viable Solution' For Zarate

According to the player's agent, a move to Sunderland could be on the horizon for Mauro Zarate.

Mauro Zarate
Mauro Zarate
Claudio Villa

After the recent signing of Modibo Diakite and the likely imminent arrival of Luis Pedro Cavanda, there could be a third player making the transition from the Stadio Olimpico to The Stadium Of Light, with the news that Sunderland may have resurrected their interest in Mauro Zarate.

In an interview with Radio Sport Manà, Zarate's agent, Luis Ruzzi, spoke about his client's future and said his future could be with Paolo Di Canio's side;

Sunderland? They would be a viable solution because it is a great club and the Premier League is very charming.

He also said Velez Sarsfield, Zarate's first club, could be an option;

There are other demands including that of Velez which would represent a welcome return for Mauro.

So how likely is a move for Zarate?

We were originally linked with him back in January under Martin O'Neill's reign, a link which eventually fizzled out when we set our sights on Danny Graham. We have been linked with the player on a regular basis since then but any move for Zarate has been complicated by the fact he is currently trying to get his contract annulled because of an alleged breach of the collective agreement by Lazio.

The trial is scheduled to end on July 10, so any move is unlikely to happy until then, but whatever the result of the court case, he will almost certainly leave Lazio during this transfer window.

However, it seems likely that the player will return to Argentina to play for Velez Sarsfield, as both Zarate;

I want to play in Velez, I want to come back and win the title.

and his brother, Roly;

Mauro wants to go back to Argentina and Velez would be ideal.

have admitted his desire to return to his first club. Although Mauro did leave the door open for a stay in Europe;

I want to get back to playing and I can go to Europe or come to Velez which is the only shirt that I would wear in Argentina.

If I was a betting man, my money would be on the player returning to Velez Sarsfield but I wouldn't rule out a move to Sunderland. He is still only 26, is likely to be a free agent and with Sunderland's new Italian links, would be a better bet to move to Sunderland than he was under O'Neill's reign.

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