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Report: Palermo Youngster Attracting Serious Sunderland Interest

I'll be honest - we are quickly running out of ways to write a headline linking Sunderland with a new player. Today sees yet another name enter the fray.

Tullio M. Puglia

Palermo striker Abel Hernandez is the latest name casting the seeming endlessly wide gaze of Sunderland's new Italian overlords. claim that Sunderland will be among the clubs due to meet with the player's agent over the next few days, with a transfer looking likely following the Sicilian club's relegation from Serie A last month.

Should the reports prove accurate, Parma would appear to be the chief competition for the 22-year-old Uruguayan.

Again, it really is difficult to know how much to read into the plethora of reports linking Sunderland with players right now. It seems that every day a new name is linked with a move to Wearside.

The source on this one seems a little tabloidy, but we are once again talking about a player who satisfies a lot of the criteria laid out by Roberto De Fanti and Paolo Di Canio this summer considering his pace, youth, and affordability. It is a link worth acknowledging at least.

Whether or not anything somes of it, we are as much in the dark over as anyone else. We will do our best to follow it, though.

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