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Basel Confirm Midfielder Is Sunderland-Bound

Another one of Sunderland's widely reported Bosman targets seems to be in the bag, with official-ish confirmation arriving from his current club.

Jamie McDonald

FC Basel appear to have confirmed via Twitter that Cabral is moving to Sunderland this summer.

The Swiss champions completed their league program on Saturday with a 1-0 home win over St Gallen, but not before making a presentation to their departing midfielder.

Shortly before kick off, the club's official Twitter account said:


Or, to put it another way...

The game is about to start at the Joggeli (the nickname of Basel's home Stadium St. Jakob Park), but first a few honours. It starts with Cabral, who is moving to Sunderland.

The move has looked a near certainty for a while now, although it can't be officially completed until the Cape Verde-born player's contract expires on the 1st July, and in a typically tight-lipped devotion to formalities, Sunderland themselves are insisting that they haven't actually signed anyone yet.

That said, this would seem to be as official a confirmation as we are going to get at this stage.

Like with most of the players reported to being on the brink of a Bosman switch to Sunderland, it is difficult to form too much of an opinion on Cabral. He is a relatively unknown player playing in a fairly obscure league, though he has impressed in Basel's recent European conquests of Manchester United and Tottenham.

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