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The Roker Report Podcast Preview: YOUR Questions Of The Week!

We finally made it to 100 podcasts, and for the show we want you to ask the questions!

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Michael Regan

Hello everyone, we finally made it to 100 podcasts, who'd of thunk it eh?, This show will be recorded tonight and released on Thursday, and for that we want you to ask us questions instead of setting one ourselves.

On the show this week you'll have the usual mix of familiar guests to talk about all and any Sunderland related issues, including;

  • A look back at Everton.
  • Previewing Aston Villa.
  • A now weekly review of the relegation situation.
  • Ask us questions as you decide the Questions Of The Week!

If you want to subscribe to our podcast, then give it a go. It's on iTunes, it's free, and it's all SAFC. Find it by following this link -

Or if iTunes isn't your thing, then follow our RSS feed - - and download the MP3 file to whatever device you want.

Check us out on SoundCloud too -

If downloading isn't for you, then try Stitcher. It's a pretty awesome app for streaming podcasts, and available on any mobile device or tablet. Check it out -

Now for this week's Question Of The Week, which we'd really want to hear from you on as we look to make the show more interactive. We'll see you on Thursday!...

For the 100th show we're flipping the script... Give us some questions to answer this week!

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