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A Love Supreme Issue 221 Out Saturday, Here's A Sneak Peek...

Another marvellous edition of A Love Supreme is hitting newsagents all over the country, so why not pick up a copy this weekend as a brand new one is unleashed to the public, with a cracking cover to boot...

Ah yes, time for another shiney edition of the best Sunderland fanzine out there bar-none, A Love Supreme. The world seems a much brighter place at the moment, the sun is brighter, the birds sing louder and of course this can be yours for just £2.50

Inside this month you'll find a whole host of great bits about the club including our own column, this month penned by Craig Clark, and many other great stories and opinions on all things Sunderland.

An among all the great content there's also this cracking piece from "The Legend" Gary Rowell on what the 1973 Cup Final meant to him...

We used to go and watch them train. There was a viewing gallery up the top, and I used to go up there and watch the first team training, and they just seemed to be having such a good time, they were really enjoying themselves. You'd have to ask the lads who were involved, but there was no sign of nerves. They were larking about and joking about, and the confidence amongst them was amazing. The further they got in that Cup run, the less nervous they seemed to be.

There's also some lovely new t-shirts in the wake of the 3-0 demolition job up the road, and they're included in the always awesome 3 for 2 offer, so check them out HERE. Does this lovely lady not persuade you enough?


You can pick your copy up from outside the ground for only £2.50 from any of the fine looking sellers patrolling the streets of Sunderland, or head down to your local newsagents where you can get one. If you just want it delivered to your door with no fuss, subscribe to it! You can do that online HERE and get yourself a host of goodies in the process.

You'd be a fool to miss out, so grab SAFC's No.1 Fanzine today.

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