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The Future Of Ji Dong-Won

Ji faces an uncertain future, despite scoring twice for Augsburg at the weekend.

Ian MacNicol

After scoring two crucial goals in FC Augsburg's game against Eintracht Frankfurt (currently 6th), which claimed a vital 2-0 win in Augsburg's battle against relegation, Ji's future has become a matter of debate in Germany. Although he's been largely hit and miss during his time in the Bundesliga (mirroring his form with Sunderland), FC Augsburg's results took a noticeable upturn upon his arrival and asks what will become of Ji?

The report mentions;

The FCA has an option to purchase the 21 year old winger for three million euros.

Such options are mandatory in foreign loan contracts, we have an option to outright buy Kader Mangane for example. However that does not mean Ji's future is necessarily away from the Stadium of Light, although €3,000,000 only works out at a little over £2.5m, the report believes that price is not readily affordable for the Swabians, regardless of whether they stay in the Bundesliga or not.

Even if the Swabians were to stay in the league, this is a sum that the club can not afford readily.

Personally I hope this is the case, as I believe the Korean has plenty of potential and warrants a pre-season under Di Canio, rather than selling him for such a relatively small fee. Who knows, the Italian's much publicised training methods may be just what Ji needs to finally make a lasting impression at Sunderland.

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