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Football World In Shock As Wes Brown Is Injur... Oh Forget It

Wes Brown is still alive, but has once again injured himself and will miss the rest of the season. Yes, I'm as shocked as you are...

Clint Hughes

Wes Brown has been dealt yet another blow in his attempt to come back from injury after Martin O'Neill confirmed the former Manchester United will miss the rest of the season having suffered a recurrence of a previous injury.

Speaking prior to the game against Queens Park Rangers this weekend - where Wes actually scored the winning goal last season - O'Neill told reporters;

He had a setback out in Korea but it looked like he was making progress, but for Wes it's been a case of two steps forward and three back.

Chances are we probably won't see him between now and the end of the season, but perhaps it'll be one he wants to forget and start again next season.

He's joined in training on a few days and then has to take some time out again. At the moment, however, I think he's reversing that trend - it's one little step at a time at the moment.

At least he's still alive, even if we aren't too keen on why he is in the press. Brown has another two years to run on his contract at Sunderland, so expect us to copy and paste this exact article word for word on at least two more occasions given the regularity of his injuries.

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