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Miliband Quits Over Di Canio Appointment

And so it begins... Sunderland Vice-Chairman David Miliband MP has resigned from his role at the club just seconds after Paolo Di Canio's appointment.

Chris Brunskill

Sunderland Vice Chairman and boyhood Arsenal fan, David Miliband MP, has resigned from his position at Sunderland over the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as the club's new manager.

Citing past political statements, Miliband has stepped down from the role which reportedly earned him £125,000 a year for 15-days worth of "consulting". A statement on the MP's official website read;

I wish Sunderland AFC all success in the future. It is a great institution that does a huge amount for the North East and I wish the team very well over the next vital seven games.

However, in the light of the new manager's past political statements, I think it right to step down.

Credit to him for sticking to his guns on the matter but he won't be missed particularly in the slightest. He has a new cushy number lined up in New York as it happened, so it seems this was merely a product of convenience. Appear to quit a job over "fascism" when you were leaving anyway.

Ok, this is all a bit harsh. You wonder how or if this will affect anyone else at the club though and in particular lucrative sponsors.

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