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Poll: Would You Be Happy If We Appointed Paolo Di Canio?

Plenty of people are chiming in to us on Twitter @RokerReport with their thoughts on the potential appointment of Paolo Di Canio, but we wanted to open up a poll to see for sure what you lot thought of the possible move.

Richard Heathcote

Things are progressing quickly and according to several local reporters the job is now "Paolo Di Canio's to lose" and an appointment could be made within the next 24 hours.

With that in mind we thought we'd put up a quick poll to see what you think of the potential appointment as there's definitely two ways of looking at Di Canio.

On one hand he's a rent-a-gob type manager who for all the time he's going to be "entertaining" he's somewhat devoid of much managerial nous and we're basically getting a Roy Keane II type situation, but with more Facist leanings.

On the other hand he's a very promising up and coming manager and despite his outgoing personality he's very shrewd, clever and destined for a decent future in the game. A man who will be a perfect fit for Sunderland.

So it's really quite straightforward. Vote in the poll below and let us know any further thoughts in the comments section!

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