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Reports: Short To Waste No Time Appointing O'Neill Successor

All reports breaking this morning suggest that Chairman Ellis Short will waste no time at all in appointing a successor to Martin O'Neill.

Jamie McDonald

With Martin O'Neill sacked in the wake of an eighth game without a win and another fruitless display in attack against Manchester United, it's understood by those in the know that Ellis Short will be moving quickly to appoint a new manager at the club.

It's telling that we're moving so quickly on a new manager. After Norwich would have been a perfect time to get rid of O'Neill if indeed it was always in Short's plans. The international break would have been just as good a time but with seven games to go and some crunch clashes around the corner it begs the question as to whether or not Short has had something up his sleeve for a few weeks.

Almost universally across the press they seem to be suggesting that we will know who our new man is by this time tomorrow. Tuesday at worst.

The other thing which everyone seems to agree on is that it's not going to be Steve McClaren. Both Scott Wilson and Paul Fraser seem confident it won't be the "Wally With A Brolly" next in the home dugout at the Stadium Of Light. This is something backed up by Jason Burt of The Telegraph who suggests that there are four names on Ellis Short's list, and none of them are McClaren.

We'll be keeping a track of all the news, rumours and more here in our Story Stream.

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