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A Love Supreme Issue 220 Out Today, Here's A Sneak Peek...

Sunderland's greatest fanzine, A Love Supreme, are kind enough to give us their own column. It's only fair that we return the love to them. There's a brand new issue of it out soon, and here's what you'll find inside...

Good day? Great day! Not only is it nice and sunny for once there's a brand new issue of A Love Supreme to pick up on your way to the Manchester United match today. Distract yourself from our inevitable thrashing with colour pictures and long words!

Inside this month you'll find a whole host of great bits about the club including our own column, this month penned by Craig Clark, and many other great stories and opinions on all things Sunderland.

Some of those highlights include catching up with the lads who've made the SAFC Keroche film, the Stadium Of Light's greatest games, some top stuff on James McClean's poor second season and an excellent piece on the rise of the Uber Fan. Check out a little snippet of that here...

The club needs to appreciate that some of us go for years without missing a game, and we get treated no better than people who just turn up for the odd pre-season tour. The number of young 'uns who came home with "USA TOUR" shirts like they'd been going forever - I didn't see them at the League Cup games at Exeter, or Bristol Rovers - so what if it was midweek and they had work or school? Remember the 1972 Portsmouth game on a weekday afternoon? During the Miner's Strike in '72? I was there, John Lathan hat-trick, I made the effort to nick off school. That's what it's about - effort.

You can pick your copy up from outside the ground for only £2.50 from any of the fine looking sellers patrolling the streets of Sunderland, or head down to your local newsagents where you can get one. If you just want it delivered to your door with no fuss, subscribe to it! You can do that online HERE and get yourself a host of goodies in the process.

You'd be a fool to miss out, so grab SAFC's No.1 Fanzine today.

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