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A Love Supreme Issue 218 Out Tomorrow, Here's A Sneak Peek...

Sunderland's greatest fanzine, A Love Supreme, are kind enough to give us their own column. It's only fair that we return the love to them. There's a brand new issue of it out soon, and here's what you'll find inside...

Rejoice everyone, it's time for another issue of Sunderland's longest running and by far the greatest fanzine, A Love Supreme, to drop another packed issue on you.

Inside this month you'll find a whole host of top quality articles, interviews and features including our own column. In which I bang on about all our recent partnerships set up with other sides around the world and how it could change our transfer policy forever.

There's also some opinions on those we signed during January from fans of their former clubs, an interview with Sunderland board memeber and MP David Milliband. There's a harkening back to 1973 which is well worth a read, plus a top look at the Foundation of Light which includes speaking to charity director Lesley Spuhler about it.

As if all this wasn't enough for you, there's also an interview with the self-styled king of deadline day, Jim White. We're lucky enough to bring you a little bit of that right here;

Sunderland gave us a very big talking point in Danny Graham. From our point of view, it was terrific because just days before he signed, he was being booed by the fans and he played his last game for Swansea for supporting Newcastle as a boy. Sunderland have always been fairly cautious when it comes to deadline day, but I would love Sunderland to come in one year and pull off a Robinho like transfer and show everyone that they mean business, the fans there deserve it because they are fantastic.

You can pick your copy up from outside the ground for only £2.50 from any of the fine looking sellers patrolling the streets of Sunderland, or head down to your local newsagents where you can get one. If you just want it delivered to your door with no fuss, subscribe to it! You can do that online HERE and get yourself a host of goodies in the process.

You'd be a fool to miss out, so grab SAFC's No.1 Fanzine today.

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