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The Roker Report Podcast Preview: A Variation On F--k, Marry, Kill

Howdy everyone, we're getting ready to record episode 89 of the Roker Report Podcast later on tonight, but first of all we want your views in our Question Of The Week...

Jamie McDonald

Morning you lot, it's time to put the disappointment of the weekend behind us and crack on with another Roker Report Podcast, although with Reading just gone and Arsenal on the horizon it's probably not going to be too peachy. Still, we hope it's worth a listen.

On the show this week with Simon Walsh will be a series of Roker Report writers to lend their views on all the following;

  • Transfer window recap.
  • Reading game reviewed.
  • Arsenal get's previewed.
  • Your views in Question Of The Week.

If you want to subscribe to our podcast, then give it a go. It's on iTunes, it's free, and it's all SAFC. Find it by following this link -

Or if iTunes isn't your thing, then follow our RSS feed - - and download the MP3 file to whatever device you want.

If downloading isn't for you, then try Stitcher. It's a pretty awesome app for streaming podcasts, and available on any mobile device or tablet. Check it out -

Now for this week's Question Of The Week, which we'd really want to hear from you on as we look to make the show more interactive. So if you've got a view point, let us know, or if you can't be arsed at lease vote in the poll. Below. We'll see you on Friday!...

I'm sure we've all played F--k, Marry, Kill before, but out of Phil Bardsley, Matt Kilgallon and Titus Bramble, who would you give a long-term deal, a short-term deal and get rid of?

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