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McFadden Goes On Trial At Motherwell

For those wondering (or indeed worried) as to whether or not James McFadden is coming back to Sunderland, we have competition for his signature in the form of Motherwell where he is currently on trial.

Clive Brunskill

Having had a short stint at Sunderland not renewed this January, James McFadden finds himself currently on trial at Motherwell, with the club reportedly very interested in signing him.

Speaking in his prematch press conference today, Assistant Motherwell Manager, Kenny Black, told reporters that the former Scottish International is training with them with a view to a deal;

We are more than willing to accommodate him. James came in, got himself fit and got himself a move to Sunderland.

He is now back up and it's really much of the same. He is keeping himself ticking over, a local lad, and we're happy to have him on board.

It makes sense if you have the finances to do it. I don't know how many games James got at Sunderland.

But we are certainly happy to have him in because he is well-liked around the place.

I must admit, I hope they do have the finances to do it, sooner rather than later. McFadden wasn't a spectacular failure on Wearside, just he had absolutely zero impact on things. Coming on for five minutes here and there coupled with a slightly longer outing against Liverpool where he did next to nothing.

All he seems to have been for us is a bit of a wage drain really. Rumours of resigning McFadden and loaning him out immediately made even less sense than signing him in the first place.

Overall, he was rubbish and won't be missed if indeed Motherwell can sign the man who's made a total of eleven appearances for both Sunderland and Everton combined since 2010.

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