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New Kick Off Time For Tyne-Wear Derby

The Tyne-Wear derby on April 13th now has a new kick off time and will be screened live on Sky Sports.

Stu Forster

We're sure everyone already has the Tyne-Wear derby date circled in big red pen on their diaries or calendars, but take note everyone, there's a new kick off time.

The game was originally set for a 1:30pm kick off on April 13th 2013, however this has now been brought forward by 45 minutes for the Sky Sports cameras and will kick off at the new time of 12:45pm that same day.

If you're not lucky enough to get yourself a ticket for the game you can enjoy it from the Stadium Of Light with fellow Sunderland fans as there will be a live beamback of events at the Wongadome inside the stadium on the two giant screens which adorn either end of the ground.

So in essence what this all means is it's perfectly ok to start drinking about an hour or so prior than you'd originally planned, and we won't judge you if that's now in the 6-7am range. Not that weekend.

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