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Cardiff City Vs Sunderland: Player Ratings

Your chance to tell us we are wrong...

Michael Steele

Vito Mannone - 6

After a really good performance against Everton, this was more a revision to the norm. Not much he could do about the goals, badly let down by the defence in front of him.

Phil Bardsley - 4

The best of an incredibly bad bunch in the defence, and even then you'd describe Bardsley's day as poor at the very best. Seemed to be completely out of steam for some reason. Did his better work in attack, although was rarely allowed to get forward.

Modibo Diakite - 2

Absolutely awful. I recall ages ago when Kenwyne Jones was still at the club that it was noted the now Stoke City man could, in a push, play defence. In some quarters it was even called for. What we see with Diakite is basically what would have happened if that was ever allowed to happen. Completely clueless all afternoon.

Valentin Roberge - 3

Not much better than Diakite. Looked completely lost all afternoon. Obviously couldn't turn to Diakite for help because he wasn't much use either and the end result was basically some sort of bizarre "Carry On Defending" skit.

Andrea Dossena - 1

The third party in the truly awful defensive bunch, and possibly the worst of the lot. You know when you see some high-concept art which looks like something a toddler did at nursery. Often you'll say "I could do that" -- That's what it's like watching Dossena play football, except I genuinely think I'd be every bit as good as Dossena, if not better. We're already at about the same level of fitness.

Lee Cattermole - 6

Tasked at times with protecting a bunch of moron's behind him, and also at times seemingly being the only person in midfield. A very tough day for him. Couldn't see much reason for bringing him off other than he was on a yellow card and the game was already gone. What he did to today he did reasonably well.

Seb Larsson - 3

Apparently he played. Who knew!

Ki Sung-Yeung - 6

Shame he was given the first half an hour of the game off because we could have used him then. Picked things up in the second half mind you and put in a much better performance than he did in the first. Nowhere near at his best though.

Emanuele Giaccherini - 4

Fairly ineffectual for the most part, and was surprised he made it through the full game in all honesty. Very weak in the tackle when needed and rarely, if at all, beat the man in front of him from the wing. Needs to seriously improve.

Fabio Borini - 6

Was by far our best player in the first half before an unfortunate turn of events at half time. Really hoping he's okay and well enough to play against Villa as he's turned things around in recent games and looked a genuine threat. Unlucky not to be on the score sheet. Again, nothing but well wishes for him from all here.

Jozy Altidore - 2

Absolute dross. He's just a completely baffling human being. How a man so big, strong and fast is so weak at everything he does is just unbelievable. He should be quite thankful we've got nobody else really because he wouldn't be anywhere near the team with other options. Contributed bugger all, all afternoon and missed an absolute sitter.

And before the Yanks hop on to defend him, tell him it's all Sunderland's fault and that -- Take him. Take him back or to whatever other team you'd prefer him at and fuck off on to that bandwagon.

Steven Fletcher - 6

Came on for Borini and was pretty decent. Didn't have much if any help from Altidore and the goal will do him the world of good. Should probably start against Aston Villa on the back of this. Hopefully this is the true start of a revival for him.

Jack Colback - 6

Scored the goal which got us out of jail, and generally did the usual stuff he does in a game. Plenty of spins around on the ball and pushing it from side to side. Not bad. Certainly did more in his short spell than Larsson.

Craig Gardner - 4

Can't recall him doing a great deal when he came on.

Man Of The Match: Steven Fletcher

Incredibly difficult to pick a man of the match today as in my opinion we didn't deserve what we got from the game. Fletcher coming on did change the game however, and he provided what midfield we had something to aim towards. Goal he scored was vintage Fletcher.

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