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A Love Supreme Issue 225 Out Now, Here's A Sneak Peek...

There's another brand new issue of A Love Supreme out now, but only for those on the nice list...

There's a brand new A Love Supreme hitting shelves and the streets ahead of the visit of Norwich City, and you can get your copy right now!

If you're a subscriber already then that's sterling work, a hearty pat on the back from all of us, if you're not why not head to the shop and get yourself to not only the best Sunderland fanzine, but one of the best fanzines period.

Inside this month's issue you've got our exclusive column, as well as chats with Jozy Altidore, Adam Johnson, Gary Bennett, Graham Kavanagh and about the truest and realest football men and Sunderland supporters you could ever meet, Mr George Foster.

He're a quick excerpt of that right now actually to get you ready;

When I opened that door, I was just... I was stunned absolutely stunned. Well you could hardly get in anyway, the whole place was full, there was Bobby Kerr, Marco (Gabbiadini), (Eric) Gatesy, (Jim) Montgomery came, so did (Len) Ashurst.

Find out exactly what he's on about in a lovely and heartwarming interview inside the issue. Pick it up round town for just £2.50 or from one of the sellers outside the ground. There's also a wonderful shop both opposite the SOL and online. Check it out NOW right here for tonnes of goodies, including coaches for the Capital One Cup Semi.



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