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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 18 - A Christmas Cracker

If there was any justice in the world this would be the Christmas number one. Alas there isn't, so the least you can do is make it YOUR Christmas number one by downloading, listening and subscribing!

Jan Kruger

Whilst the good folks at Wise Men Say couldn't be arsed to speak to someone form the opposition, there was certainly no dilution of talent represented in the studio and on the phone to talk all things Sunderland.

In the studio you've got the dulcet tones of Damien Spellman, the Press Association's North East sports reporter plus the added bonus of Chris Young, the Echo's main man for all things Sunderland.

If that wasn't enough you had the rather special guest of Sky Sports' very own David Jones -- off of the actual telly -- to give his views on the club as a hardened Sunderland supporter.

Still not satisfied? Well then you've got me on the phone too. Do not be fooled by the fact apparently my 'stock is plummeting by the second'... At least I don't use words like 'impactual'.

And on top of all these great guests, manning the ship as always is Stephen Goldsmith and Gareth Barker.

It's a bit of a Christmas Cracker, so get on it on iTunes (HERE) or just listen below;

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