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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 17 - Sixsmith None The Richer

It's time to download or stream the number one SAFC related podcast. Do the club still do that ridiculous one anyway? If you're Red & White then get among it!

Jan Kruger

The Roker Report lot have been represented heavily this season on the podcast, the continuous support from this site is very welcome. In the very humble beginnings, our cousins over at Salut Sunderland flew the flag alone yet it's taken until now for Pete Sixsmith, the Godfather of the site, to pop into the studio and join the doom and gloom that is often supporting SAFC.

Pete writes some awe inspiring stuff on Salut and occasionally jots his thoughts down for ESPN, so he was a very welcome guest. He also looks about ten years younger in real life and is a LOT less scary.

Blogs are a progression from the fanzines of course, and we all know who's dominated that market since time began. A Love Supreme editor Martyn McFadden also joined Gareth Barker and I to dissect the disappointing manner in which the lads folded against Tottenham at the weekend.

Do we still have to say 'and I'? I always feel silly saying it, is 'me and Gareth' accepted in this day and age? I'd hate to start saying and writing it, only to be categorised as a grammar numptie.

Your/you're and all that jazz. Pete is an English teacher, maybe I should have asked him.

We're joined on the phone by Nigel Kahn who blogs and contributes for fanzines down that way. He could have only sounded more the stereotypical East Ender if he informed us he was popping down the stall for some jellied eels on the show's completion. His website is if anyone feels inclined to go check it out.

Together, we talk how rubbish Kevin Nolan is, how rubbish Sam Allardyce is and how rubbish Sunderland's midfielders are. Standard really.

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