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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 13 - Not Quite Like Watching Brazil

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Stu Forster

Listening figures have been high in the last couple of weeks, don't let the Soundcloud figures fool you either- all the cool kids use iTunes (FYI, click HERE to subscribe). Anyway, Sunderland stay true to form and lose at Hull in a self-imploding fashion and put the whole thing back in danger. Selfish tw**s.

For this reason, as well as our own sanity levels, we try and focus on that pointless League Cup victory as the main source of analysis. Except it wasn't pointless. This was the game that showed us the future under Poyet it seems, with the shape and style of football being the closest to what we've been led to believe would be common place.

  • Will this be the norm or will he revert to pragmatism for the visit of Man City?
  • Just how good is Wes Brown?
  • Is there only Sunderland fans that would complain about knocking the ball about at the back?

There's hods of other stuff too and we go through it all with "Friend of The Show" Richard Mason, or "Dickie" as he's never referred to. We're also joined by Paul Dobson aka "Sobs" from A Love Supreme - their second representation of the season. Ne Craig Clark this week like.

Get amongst all ye of SAFC persuasion.

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