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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 16 - Kris, Chris & Chris - Nee Joke!

Your next instalment of the Wise Men Say podcast is ready to warm your ears. If you're SAFC, get amongst it!

Scott Heavey

So that Kevin Friend's a bit of a nob isn't he? We manage to avoid a full blown rant on the ineptitude of the decision that was Wes Brown's sending off at the weekend, though Gareth Barker does make his claim for a review system on this week's pod. It's kind of hard to analyse games where we have less than eleven men for the most part, so we manage to pick the bones of what we can.

ESPN's Kristan Heneage is a full blown "Friend of the show" now and he helps us dissect the performance along with Chris Thompson who becomes the third representative of A Love Supreme on this season's pod. We all give our opinion on what went wrong and what we'd like to see improved at Aston Villa, where another Chris joined us on the phone to give a perspective from their end. Chris Nee is co-editor of In Bed With Maradonna and hosts a podcast of his own, Aston Villa Review.

Well I may be bias but it's worth forty odd minutes of any Sunderland fan's time I reckon, so make sure you stream or subscribe y'aaall.

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