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DMK Talks About His Frustrations Under PDC

David Moberg Karlsson has become the latest player to speak out on his frustrations over Paolo Di Canio's Sunderland reign.

Moberg Karlsson scores against Spurs in pre-season
Moberg Karlsson scores against Spurs in pre-season
Victor Fraile

In the immediate aftermath of Paolo Di Canio's sacking, the players were notably quiet about his departure despite playing a huge role in his departure, with David Vaughan admitting that the club had told them not to talk about it.

That has recently changed, with players starting to speak out about their frustrations over working under the Italian, with Phil Bardsley and Lee Cattermole most vocal. However it's not just the players who felt victimised by Di Canio that have spoken out, with one of the many new signings also talking about how frustrating it was under Di Canio's reign.

In an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen, David Moberg Karlsson explained how Paolo Di Canio's training methods frustrated him;

At the end with him we didn't train with the football. It was mostly running and tactics during training. I was a little frustrated that we never played more football.

Those training methods seemed to have directly affected his confidence, as he explained how Gus Poyet told him he needed to play in the under-21 side for the time being to regain his confidence but also that the club still believe in him;

Poyet told me that I would play in the under-21 team to regain my confidence. I thought I would join in and fight for a bench spot in the Premier League ... I'm about to rebuild self confidence now, that process has just begun.

They still believe in me, and they tell me that I should not see it as a defeat. It's a tough step from the Allsvenskan to the Premier League. It went well in the pre-season friendlies, but there is a difference when the serious stuff begins.

Of course you want to play, no matter where you are. But if you had told me a year ago that I had the chance to play in the Premier League in 2014, I would have laughed at it ... but once you're here, you want to play.

He then said he is ready to step up from the under-21s when needed, something he feels wouldn't have been a possibility under Di Canio;

They have an eye on me. If you play well or do well in training then you may come up to the first team.

Under Paolo Di Canio the under-21 team were completely separate. They did not play in the first team, so they played nowhere.

Understandable frustrations from Moberg Karlsson, hopefully he will regain his confidence and show the form that impressed in pre-season and on regular occasions for the under-21s, if he does that it won't be long until we see him in and around the first team once again.

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