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Spotlight Shone On Sunderland AFC Community Hero

With the international break in full swing, it's a good time to pause to acknowledge a Sunderland community hero who has attracted the attention of a national campaign.

Stu Forster

The internet is a weird and wacky place, but every now and again something lands in your inbox that is genuinely worth passing on.

Okay, granted, it usually involves a cat falling off something, dogs wearing a variety of hats, or someone receiving some kind of beautifully timed and constructed impact to the groin, but occasionally you get a real gem too.

As part of their #YouAreFootball campaign to direct the spotlight upon 'the people who make football happen', Premier League sponsors Barclays turned their attention to Wearside to pay tribute to George Forster.

Now 87-years-old, George is the voluntary chairman of the Sunderland AFC Supporters Association and has been for decades. He was an instrumental figure in setting up the organisation in 1965, and in the 66/67 season even raised £700 to buy the club goalposts.

Anyway, below is a short video highlighting George's work, and it makes for a fine Monday  tale in our book.

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