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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 14 - Son Of Ball

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Michael Regan

I'd have really worried for our listening figures had we lost this week. Having no game to preview meant we had to spend nearly an hour analysing the Man City game. Imagine listening to our downbeat voices combing through a heavy loss without another subject to gloss it over? Nobody wants that. Ever.

Fortunately, the annual 1-0 victory was upheld and, furthermore, a distinct shift in tactics to get our teeth into. Gerrin! James Hunter offa the Evening Chronicle joined is for the second time this season. I bumped into James in the street recently and we chatted Phil Bardsley and Sunderland for well over half an hour - always a telling sign that someone is podcast material. We were also joined by Luke Ball, son of you know who. This isn't some new feature where we chat to sons of former players turn up to the studio, we don't have Mateusz Kubicki* isn't about to rock up any time soon. Luke often engages with us in a very insightful manner and we felt he had something to offer. And he was superb, to be fair.

The question of the week section was a belter and gave us all a good laugh, while we finished on a general chat with Luke about his Dad's time in charge and whether we'll ever see him in the hot-seat again. We certainly don't push him for anything that will land his old man in hot water as there's every chance he'd hunt us down...

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