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Poll: Are You Happy With The Appointment Of Poyet?

With the appointment of Gus Poyet as our new manager, are you happy enough with that?

Laurence Griffiths

If you've only just got up, or are living under a rock this morning then you missed the news that Gustavo Poyet is our new Head Coach, signing a 2-year contract at the Stadium Of Light.

With this announcement, we're intrigued to find out if you're happy with the appointment. A look over Twitter seems to suggest some very mixed views, so we thought we'd get a poll going to see if we can get it down into some cold, hard numbers.

So are you delighted with the appointment of Poyet, and are excited at the prospect of something new happening and dare we even say some patient and modern football, or are you sat soaked in your own piss because we've appointed Paolo Di Canio Mk.II?

Let us know by voting in the poll. It counts towards absolutely nothing, but we still want to hear from you regardless because it makes our lives slightly more interesting.

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