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Reports: It's Poyet!

According to Sky Sports' ever-reliable sources, our next manager will be announced in the next 24 hours, and it's Gustavo Poyet.

Scott Heavey

We've all known for some time now that out next manager was increasingly likely to be former Brighton boss Gustavo Poyet. Now, it looks as though things will go through without a hitch as Sky Sports claim the move will go through and be confirmed in the next 24-hours.

Poyet has long been the front-runner for the job, although as talks dragged on for the past fortnight, other names began to come into the fray, including interim manager Kevin Ball, as well as out-of-work duo Ralf Ragnick and Fred Rutten.

The club however have long since had their hearts set on Poyet, and even wanted to have him installed prior to Paolo DI Canio's appointment last April.

Poyet is likely to bring with him is trusty sidekick Mauricio Taricco, whilst Kevin Ball will be retained in some capacity.

It will come as a relief that someone new will be coming in on a full-time basis, and likely bring with them a more up to date brand of football. Not that Kevin Ball wasn't providing that, but with more experience on a first team level, Poyet might be able to finish off a reasonable turn around in performances by delivering results, kick-started by Ball.

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