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A Love Supreme Issue 224 Out Now, Here's A Sneak Peek...

There's another issue of A Love Supreme out to get you out of your gloom...

Time to cheer up somewhat, a brand new issue of A Love Supreme is available now, so get yourself off your arse and get one.

Are you one of the fools who doubt it's quality? Then listen up -- for the past 20-years (TWENTY), they've been nominated for Fanzine OF The Year a mammoth 20 times (TWENTY)... Absolute quality, and well done to everyone there.

Inside this month there's a number of great articles, including an interview with Simon Mignolet, a tribute to Mick Buckley and insight into Gus Poyet from a Brighton fanzine. There's also our column too, penned by none other than Chris Weatherspoon.

If you're still for some reason sitting on the fence then there's also rather wonderful open letter to our new Head Coach, Gus Poyet. Here's a snippet of that top notch article here...

Stop the long running farcical policy of playing square pegs in round holes. No team in the Premier League has constantly played as many players out of position, week in, week out, as Sunderland. Fact. I do not hold a UEFA ‘A' licence but common sense tells you that this policy will never equate to any sort of success and indeed, as we are living proof of, invites failure. For example, central midfielders regularly holding down full back positions is farcical for a top flight club. The obsession with playing inverted wingers has not proven effective for Sunderland and we're sick of the sight of them having to check onto their stronger foot when defending or attempting to cross the ball, often struggling to do either basic requirement very well.

And you can read the rest of what proves to be a very entertaining tale in the actual magazine itself. Get a copy from any local newsagents worth it's salt for just £2.50. Buy a copy ONLINE HERE or check out the DIGITAL VERSION. You'll also see plenty of sellers dotted around the Stadium of Light on Sunday who will happily take your money.

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