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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 11 - A Tale Of Two Martins!

Episode 11 is up and ready for all you lucky lot. It's no good sticking your head in the sand - listen to us discuss Swansea and Newcastle. Go on. Go on...

Michael Regan

Morning. Don't you just love Derby games? No? Thought not.

This week has been official "Stop caring week", also known as "Don't read up on Sunderland and stick your head in the sand" week. I'm pleading with you to give up on these techniques and tune in to the latest podcast, it really might be quite therapeutic in a strange way.

Martin Smith was many a people's favourite player back when the side were really rubbish, and he dropped into the studio to try and offer us some players' insight into what exactly causes them to raise the white flag like they did at Swansea. To be fair, it wouldn't be entirely fair to expect him to diagnose what other managers have failed to.

Graeme Anderson, who we all know from the Sunderland Echo, also dropped in to give us his thoughts, he's certainly been through the thick and thin like the rest of us over the years. This currently feels like very thin times.

Martin Lindsay became the second Martin in the studio to talk Newcastle with us (Boooooooooo) and tell us just how confident they REALLY are of victory. We tried to make it feel like an away derby for Martin, by getting loads of students to wear their Sunderland tops and boo him through the looking glass of the studio every time he spoke. Ok, so that's not true but you already knew that.

Download (iTunes Link), or listen (below) and either way, enjoy.

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