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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 9 - I Think You'll Find It's Poye"T" !!!

Episode 9 of the Wise Men Say Podcast is live - and boy do we have some good guests.

Richard Sellers

Roker Report's very own Craig Clark has featured quite a lot on the pod in the last few weeks. It's getting to the point where Gareth and I turn up to the magnificent Spark FM studios and he's just sitting there opportunistically; hoping that we're just gonna let him join us. "Don't look at us with those puppy dog eyes, Craig. No. No. NO.... Oh come on in then".

Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration. We're always happy to have Craig on, of course, and this week was just a further reminder of how far we've come since our humble origins guest wise...

The legendary Simon Crabtree joined us for the opening 20 minute chat and slotted in perfectly, his infectious personality bursting through the phonelines like... like... like someone who's really enthusiastic about something.

In the studio with Gareth, Craig and I was Mark Douglas offa The Journal. His presence was further proof that we're fortunate enough to get good journalists on the show, each with great insight.

None other than Jonathon Wilson also joined us mere mortals on the phone, to give his thoughts on where it went wrong for Di Canio and what Poye't' can do to make things right. If he is the man, in his opinion...

I'd like to thank Mr. Short for delaying the decision to give Poye't' the job, influenced no doubt by the fact that we'd have had little content in international week had he made the call earlier. Get among it Sunderland fans...

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