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Reports: Sunderland Agree Fee For Frenchman

In what seems to be a quickly developing story, there's a hell of a lot of chatter coming out of Turkey this evening that Sunderland have agreed a fee with Bursaspor for French youth international midfielder Alfred N'Diaye.

Whilst there's nothing from from the written press yet, several Turkish journalists and Bursaspor fans sites are reporting the news that a fee of 4.5m Euros has been agreed (about £3.6m). Several Bursa fans have taken to social networks too to lament the sale and the fact a fee has been agreed. Evidently he's seen as a big loss to the Crocodiles.

Some even report that N'Diaye was spotted arriving into a Turkish airport last night. Whether or not he was away from his team to talk to Sunderland or for other reasons, that remains a little sketchy at the moment.

Either way, this story is gathering pace at some rate and it's now at a point where you'd be more surprised if we didn't land the strong midfielder.

He seems from the limited things we've seen to be exactly the kind of midfielder we're after. He's said himself he models himself on Patrick Vieira and idolises Yaya Toure. If he can get anywhere near that level then we'll have quite a player on our hands.

As we've said all along though, this is still very much one to watch, and if we receive or find anything concrete we'll bring it to you right away.

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