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Reports: International Defender Looking To Move

According to the player himself, Hungarian international defender Roland Juhasz is more keen on an move to somewhere like Sunderland than to Ukraine or Turkey.

Mike Hewitt

Anderlecht's Hungaian international defender Roland Juhasz has stated he's prefer a move to "Western Europe" which would open the door to a heavily speculated move to Sunderland as opposed to Dnipro or Trabzonspor, who have also been credited with making a move for him.

Juhasz was once highly rated by the footballing community and has been a stalwart of the Anderlecht defence in recent years before falling out of favour with manager John Van Den Brom this summer, barely playing a game for the Belgian giants.

Speaking with Anderlecht Online, the central defender said;

Last year I said I wanted to end my career in Anderlecht. But things can change rapidly. I barely played despite the fact I keep on working on training. If I want to keep my place in the Hungarian national team, I have to change clubs. But I am looking for a team in Western Europe in the first place.

I can't say I know a great deal about Juhasz other than he was once a must buy on Football Manager. Hopefully he manages to live up to the potential shown there, and isn't another Tonton Zola-Moukouko.

In all seriousness though we need a defender or two quite badly, and at 29-years old he should be in his prime years. A rumoured fee of around £1m wouldn't break the bank for a bargain-hunting Martin O'Neill either.

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