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'No More Signings Expected' Says David Craig

Sky Sports' North East correspondent David Craig, standing from his position perched outside Sunderland's training ground freezing his knackers off, presumably questioning the futility of life and wondering why he never followed his dream of becoming a concert pianist, has said that he doesn't expect any more new faces to arrive at Sunderland today following the signing of Danny Graham earlier this afternoon.

It's possible that Craig's only saying this because his legs hurt, and he thinks Sky will send him home for the day if they think nothings going to happen, but this seems unlikely. The news will no doubt disappoint many Sunderland fans, who would have at least expected one more face to come in today, especially considering Danny Graham is effectively just a replacement for the strikers who have left this transfer window.

It's possible that someone else may arrive today, and O'Neill did surprise us with a couple of deals this time last year, but at the very least it looks as if Danny Graham will be the biggest move of the day from a Sunderland perspective.

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