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Wigan Move For Two Sunderland "Targets"

Wigan are emerging as quite the contenders for our supposed transfer targets today as they have made significant in-roads towards Paul Scharner and Barnsley teenager John Stones.

A deal for Scharner was mooted towards the end of last week, although it mainly appeared to be on the suggestion of Hamburg rather than anyone from Sunderland saying anything. Martin O'Neill was quick to deny any interest in the aging former West Bromwich Albion midfielder-come-defender.

Meanwhile several press outlets, including in our local area, have credited Sunderland with a move for Stones, who is adept at both right-back and central defence -- two positions were we do need to kick on.

Wigan have had a £3m bid accepted by Barnsley for him, which puts him a little out of our price range. Of course, we gave big money away for Connor Wickham, but he was slightly more of a known commodity than Stones.

Either way, two things are for certain -- neither are signing for Sunderland, and hopefully this is the last time we have to talk about Wigan today.

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