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Reports: Danny Graham Asks To Leave Swansea

The Danny Graham transfer seems to be gathering pace as tonight Sky Sports report that the striker has asked to leave the Welsh side.

Michael Steele

Danny Graham's on and off transfer to Sunderland looks like it could go through, although not in time for tomorrow night's game between ourselves and Swansea City at the Stadium Of Light.

Earlier in the day Michael Laudrup seemed quite confident that the striker would remain at Swansea, acknolwedging that there had been interest in the Gateshead-born striker, but no movement was imminent;

It could easily happen that we have exactly the same squad in February as we have now.

We have had some offers for him.

When there is a bid and if that bid is not even close to what the club wants, then there's nothing to do, even if the player wants to leave, he has to stay.

I haven't read anything official or in any newspaper or on television where Danny has said he wants to leave, that means he must want to stay and probably he will.

And that last line seems to be something Graham has picked up upon as earlier this evening Sky Sport's Chief News Reporter, Bryan Swanson, revealed that Graham has heeded Laudrup's request and has asked ot leave the club, although stopped short of handing in a written transfer request;

With this latest information it would appear that the move for Graham is very, very much on for now. There have been whispers that he's already been up to the area to look at property, but those seem a little wide of the mark so far.

One thing's for sure though, it's unlikely he'll be lining up for either side tomorrow night as both parties look to make a deal before Thursday's transfer deadline.

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