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Reports: Genoa Front Runners For Zarate

Mauro Zarate's agent seems to be a talkative bugger, and he's claiming to have already met with Genoa over his player's transfer, and it doesn't look overly likely he'll be coming to Sunderland.

Dino Panato

Apparent Sunderland target Mauro Zarate could be on the move this summer, and the latest word from his agent is that he's already met with a team ahead of a proposed transfer.

Unfortunately (or fortunately dependent on your view) it's not Sunderland but fellow Serie A side Genoa whom Luis Ruzzi has met with.

Speaking yesterday, Ruzzi said;

Rumours about Genoa, Besiktas and Sunderland? There have been contacts with some clubs and it is true that I met the (Genoa) president Enrico Preziosi, but it is up to the clubs to find an agreement.

We'll see what happens.

Ruzzi also expressed in the brief interview that he and his client would be happy to stay at Lazio if something can be sorted out.

Without wanting to be "Debbie Downer" about this entire situation it looks increasingly like Sunderland are being used as a pawn in Ruzzi's game to get Zarate more money from either Lazio or somewhere else. The Sunderland Echo were quick to pour scorn on these rumours, and it might be time to seriously temper expectations with regards to him ending up at the Stadium Of Light.

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