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Sunderland Games Switched For TV

The home games against Norwich City and Manchester United will now be played at new times, so pay attention.

Stu Forster

Sunderland's home clashes in March with Norwich City and Manchester United have been moved in order to be on Sky Sports and ESPN respectively.

The game with the Canaries will now be moved back a day and played on Sunday March 17th with a 1:30pm kick off.

The game with Manchester United will be still be played on Saturday 30th March, however it has been brought forward to 12:45pm for the TV cameras.

Red Devils fans will have to get up early in order to get across to Sunderland AND work themselves into a tizzy ahead of the game, where there will no doubt be plenty of harmless back and forth joking which they won't be able to particularly take with any good grace.

We joke. Possibly. Maybe. Who the hell knows at this point.

Either way it makes little difference to our schedule, but it's news worth pointing out in case you're making travel arrangements to get to the games.

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