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O'Neill: Brown May Not Play This Season

There's every chance you'd completely forgotten about him, and I wouldn't blame you to be honest, but it looks as though Wes Brown's chances of playing this season are fading fast according to Martin O'Neill.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Since he injured himself during the Peace Cup this summer it seems that nearly everyone had forgotten about the existence of Wes Brown.

Thankfully Martin O'Neill hasn't, and has provided everyone with an update on the injury situation of the former Manchester United man, as he told The Journal today;

Wes is feeling really frustrated with it all. He just has ten or so days where he thinks he is going well and then gets a setback.

He has these injections, a course of sugar injections, which are making him feel better at the minute. He feels they are benefiting him and I think the lad Shawcross had them some time back.

We have lost his services and it has got to the stage where we can't even consider him. The last time he played for us was pre-season. You can't believe that we are at New Year and he still hasn't played. It's bad enough for us so it must be terrible for him.

It would be a huge surprise to all to see Brown pull on a Sunderland shirt this season, and perhaps even pull on on again ever as his injury problems that have plagued him in the past just seem to have finally caught up with him. Brown has always been a bit of an injury case when we signed him in the first place.

When asked if Brown would play again this season by the same paper, O'Neill responded;

I will leave it with him and see how things go. It would be great if he could but he is pretty frustrated.

Which doesn't sound promising at all. The problem may come this summer and whether or not Brown is able to continue with his career. There's still a year remaining on his contract after this one, and much will rely on whether or not he's stubborn enough, or strong enough to fight these injury problems for another year or he accepts that his body has simply given up and it's time to take a backseat.

Overall it would be a shame in my eyes. When he's played for us he's generally played to a very high level, but injuries are simply too much of a problem now and I would hope in an ideal world we can give him one last game or appearance towards the end of the season before everyone calls it a day.

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