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McClean Takes To Twitter Again... To Apologise

James McClean has apologised for last night's Twitter shenanigans.
James McClean has apologised for last night's Twitter shenanigans.

This morning James McClean took to Twitter once again, only this time to apologise for the rant he unleashed to the world last night following another frustrating evening on the Republic of Ireland substitutes bench.

In the Tweet, McClean wrote;

I apologise for my tweet last night, it was stupid, disrespectful and I let my frustration get the better of me which still ain't an excuse.

Which is about the least he can do given the circumstances, and equally if he ever wants a sniff of international football again then he's done the right thing.

Obviously he should never have put himself in a position where he has something to apologise for, and despite the frustration of being left on the bench - which is fully understandable - he should have acted with a little more decorum.

We'd still strongly advise McClean, not that he's reading, but really he ought to just delete his Twitter account forever. Do not come back no matter how much 'banter' there is. It's simply not worth it given this is the third time that we can recall him getting himself into a spot of bother.

We do however give him credit for apologising. Hopefully it isn't too little too late for his international chances, and even more so we hope there's nothing else for him to apologise for in the future.

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