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A Love Supreme Issue 214 Out Tomorrow, Here's A Sneak Peek...

There's a brand new issue of the award-winning and ever-green Sunderland fans magazine A Love Supreme on sale tomorrow against Wigan Athletic. Find out what's inside here...

Yes it's time for another issue of A Love Supreme - the longest running and best Sunderland fanzine out there bar none.

We'll get the important stuff out the way first. It's imperative that you subscribe to the magazine. Why though? Well you'll save money, have it delivered to your door, and you'll get a ton of free stuff too! If you want to subscribe then just CLICK HERE and do so for a bargain price.

If you haven't done that you heathen, then you're bound to see one of the great many sellers loitering around the ground proudly displaying this awesome publication. Grab one off them in exchange for just £2.50 and you'll not regret it for one moment.

In this 214th edition of the fanzine you'll find some top features, including an interview with Grant Leadbitter - quite timely since his Middlesbrough side come here in the cup next month. You'll also find the Chronicle's James Hunter in the Media Whores feature, a look at the new seating plan at the stadium, further information on Danny Rose, a 'Boro fan giving his views on Adam Johnson, plus of course our column in there.

There's also fitting tribute to George Summerside in there, a much loved member of the Sunderland Family. We've got a great little section of it here for you...

Indeed for those who didn't know George, it's hard to take in how universally popular he was. Everyone loved him. And everyone had nothing but the kindest of words to say about him. "It has been really well publicised how nice of a bloke he was," said friend and SMB cricketer, Stewart Wright. "He would do anything for anyone. A sound lad and people really loved him. He put a lot into the cricket and the football and hopefully this will become an
annual event."

But for those who did know George they all had a tale to tell, whether it was sorting out train tickets for the football lads, conning his way into a West Indian night club with a raffle ticket, or getting a Bangladeshi waiter in bed with one of his mates...

So there you have it. Get it bought, get subscribed, get whatever it is you want right now. It's not something to miss out on.

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